There are a few little things that occur to me from time to time…..

...What became of all the television ads for the Hoveround? Did they go out of business? Everybody on Medicare have one now?

...Now that marijuana is either legalized or ignored pretty much all over these United States, why do we no longer hear about the “medical” benefits of that weed?

...Who decided that television ads for prescription medicines was a good idea?

...Long as I'm on the subject, why don't TV ads for lawyers, plastic surgeons, prescription drugs, dental implants, and medical devices include the price?

...How is it that anyone can have a drone and fly it around willy-nilly, but I can't have lawn darts?

*The picture isn't' really a Hoveround, it's an "All Weather Electric Mobility Scooter" according to Amazon.  I wonder if you'd need a driver's license to operate that beast.


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