The MLB All Star Game

I'm a fan of the San Francisco Giants, but more than that, I'm a baseball fan. If I find myself in a strange town during baseball season, I'll go find and watch a game—Pro, College, High School, Bobby Sox or Little League. It really doesn't matter to me. I'm a baseball guy.

But mostly, I'm a fan of the San Francisco Giants and the National League style of play.

Time was, I also looked forward to the annual All Star game. Time was, also, that there were two All Star games every season. And life was good in these United States.

So, let us now disabuse our collective selves of the notion that the current state of the All Star game means anything at all.

Fans voting for All Stars? What a disagreeable notion.
Every team gets an All Star? What a disagreeable notion.
A HOME RUN derby??? Holy Crap…..

For the record, and I'm all for stuff being on the record:
-Fans shouldn't be involved in the selection of All Star baseball players.
-Not every team always has an All Star caliber player on their roster.
-And, the home run derby smacks of that idiotic slam-dunk contest that basketball dotes on.

All Star baseball players should be selected by opposing managers and coaches. The selections would then be the starting 9 that every manager and coach dreads. In other words…..All Star Players.

The very concept of every team having an All Star selection sounds suspiciously like a millennial participation award. And yes, it makes me throw up in my throat a little bit just THINKING about it.

I don't much like the no collisions rules, wild cards, and that crap-fest of a Face Book broadcast that happened this year either.

Frankly, baseball was better when hitters sharpened their spikes and slid into second with bad intent.

Yeah, even though he's a felon, I miss guys like Lenny Dykstra too.


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