The Last Presidential Entry From This Corner

The presidential polls seem pretty clear. This is going to be a rout. Plain and simple.

This is going to be a disaster for the Republican party that might even dwarf the Goldwater defeat. And the Republican party didn't really recover from that disaster until Ronald Reagan emerged.

What will become of the Republican party itself is unclear, but these facts seem clear:
-The Democrats outnumber the Republicans
-The Democrats have moved drastically to the left in the past 50 years, and have a more socialist bent than at any time in the past.
-The Democrats seem insistent on consolidating power at the federal executive level and removing local control whenever possible (schools, roads, police departments, you-name-it).
-The recent Democrat administrations have re-arranged priorities away from traditional American values.

I'm reasonably certain that every time the current administration opens a new investigation into a local police department, the ultimate goal is to disband locally controlled and selected police forces and replace them with a federal police force. After all, it seems to have worked so well with the schools, no? Remember that the Department of Justice has nothing to do with actual justice (like the Department of Education has nothing to do with actually educating children), and everything to do with administering rules and regulations promulgated by…..The Department Of Justice. These and other matters (like Second Amendment and gender identity issues) will bend further to the left with another Democrat in the White House.

It might be different in your life, but in mine, with the exception of some left leaning feminists, I don't actually know anyone who is for Hillary Clinton. What seems clear is that a large percentage of the population is fervently against Donald Trump. And that's what this election will determine—How much does the electorate disapprove of the very idea of Donald Trump.

I'm going to vote for Donald Trump. Here's why:
-Any Republican will do less damage to the remnants of the Republic than any Democrat.
-I have never voted for a Democrat for any national election—I have voted for Democrats for local non partisan offices (such as Sheriff or District Attorney) when the democrat was otherwise the better choice.
-I believe that if you don't vote then you've got no right to bitch, and brother, am I going to bitch.

Because of the Trump candidacy, the Republicans might just lose control of the House and Senate. Wouldn't THAT be grand!!

A final thought: Anybody who thought from the beginning that the Republican Party needed to nominate Donald Trump should really re-consider their thought processes. He was never capable of defeating even Bernie Sanders in a general election, much less a Clinton. He's a mobbed-up, loud-mouthed, draft-dodging plutocrat who should have stayed on reality TV. And that's from a guy who's going to vote FOR him.

As always—You’re Welcome


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