The Intruder--1962

Armed with my wide screen high definition TV, a working WIFI in the house, and my constant companions, the ROKU box and a fully paid up Pub-D-Hub Gold subscription, I took in that 1962 period piece, The Intruder.

A serious piece of work for the time, this movie is at the epicenter of the crossing paths of William Shatner and Roger Corman, and this can only mean one thing.....

Movie Notes From Vantucky--Vancouver, Washington

The Intruder has a confused little plot, containing all of the necessary early 60s causes--Racism, Sexism, Sex (without the “ism”), KKK and Cross Burning, Southern Crackers.....Oh, you get the picture.  There’s not too much convalution to get in the way of the story here--Evil white agitator shows up in a conservative southern town, stirs the yokels into an anti n-word frenzy (they actually use quite a bit of the n-word, if you know what I mean and I think you do) on the eve of integration, and, ultimately, is shown for the coward that he is.  In other words, very bad white people screwing with the po’ but honest blacks.  But there is a happy ending that I won’t reveal here.  You’ll have to watch it yourself.

In the lead role as the agitator is none other than Captain James T. Kirk hisself, William Shatner--Without going into all of Bill’s films, let me say that this Canadian product of Jewish immigrant grandparents (from Lithuania, Ukraine, and Austria) has had a long and lucrative Star Trek life.  The one and only true Captain of the Enterprise.

Bests I can figure, Shocklmeister Roger Corman was never really into the movies to make great art--he was in it for the payday, and Lord did he have some of those.  This story is the anomaly--Good story, made a buck or two too. 

Starring as the nymphomaniac (look, it is, after all, a Roger Corman movie), is Taft, California product Jeanne Cooper.  She was born with a Wilma in front of her name, which, thankfully, she dropped before she left Taft.  Probably best known as Katherine Chancellor Murphy on The Young and The Restless, she’s the mother of Corbin Bernsen, and without Corbin there would have been no Major Leage nor any Psyche.  A Standing “O” for Jeanne for giving birth to one of my favorite actors.

So there you have it--Southern Racism, Nymphomaniac, Integration, Corman, Jewish Immigrants.

Catch it while you can--On Pub-D-Hub.


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