The Norelco 6955XL

Briefly--I bought a new Norelco model #6955XL triple header from the Amazon web site for a paltry 35 bucks American.  For reference purposes, I consulted the inflation calculator again and found that my current 35 bucks American was worth $5.49 in 1968.  I only made a dollar and a quarter an hour at the gas station I worked at then, but still.....The overall price of a Norelco rotary head shaver has declined and the shave is better.  A good deal for me.

When I joined the Army in 1968, I was paid a gross sum of $102.00 a month (that’s equal to $650 today)--currently, an Army private gets $1467.00--But on payday, I only saw about 80 dollars.  I guess the rest of it went to taxes or something.  Payday in the Army was the first of the month.  We stood in line and saluted the Pay Officer (who was also the Executive Officer of the company), and recited “Sir, Private Young reports for pay”.  Unless your name wasn't Young.  Whereupon we were paid in cash.


American currency and coin.

The Norelco 6955XL is a fine shaver, cordless and cord (for when the batteries die), and a real bargain.  When it dies, I won’t hesitate to get another.  At


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