The National League West--and Money

Money=Happiness.  At least some of the time.

The Billionaire Boy’s Club in El Lay (AKA the Los Angeles Dodgers) seems to have an unlimited budget.  In the last off-season they purchased every available quality free agent in baseball.  They have the biggest payroll in baseball, outstripping even the Yankees.

Wow.  More than the Yankees.  Unbelievable.

Not only that, they have enough money to sign other quality baseball players and warehouse them in their minor league system to prevent any other team from signing them.  What a great deal.

I’m a fan of the San Francisco Giants.  Have been since they moved West from New York in 1958.  I’m happy that they managed to win a pair of world titles (nearly back-to-back) before the Dodgers opened their bottomless checkbook.  Grateful actually.  But I fear that their winning run is over.  Money+El Lay=Disaster for any team in the National League West other than the Billionaire Boy’s Club for the foreseeable future.  It’s simple arithmetic.

They way I figure, any season that ends without the Dodgers actually winning the World Series will be viewed by them as a complete and dismal disaster.  Heads will roll.  More free agents will be signed.

The only real hope for the other members of the National League West is if the Dodgers team jet crashes.  Further, the only competition left in the National League West is this--who will finish second?  I’ll watch and listen for the balance of the year to see what happens in the post-season, but like my old baseball cap said..........



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