Not Everything's A Sport, Sport

Big debate going on now, or so I hear.  Is cheer leading a sport?  Christ, it’s on the news this morning.  Big debate.

Let me settle this for you.  Again.

Cheer leading, like golf and bowling, is not a sport.  These are activities.  Track and field events are not sports.  They are contests.  Nascar is not a sport.  Nascar is a contest about who can outrun the revenooers the best.  Gymnastics are not sports.

So, what is a sport, you ask?  Thought you’d NEVER ask.....

A sport has a physical component, an offense and a defense, and some method of determining a winner and loser.  Baseball, badminton, ping-pong, boxing.

Sure, other activities and contests have a physical component, perhaps a score-keeping method, but no defense.  The concept of full contact bowling would necessarily have defense and would then become a sport, see?  You can be athletic and still not be involved in a sport.

You’re welcome.


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