Super Bowl 47

I watch one NFL game a year.  I have nothing against football--I watch local High School Football, and some college games (after all, I live in BIG TEN country and am required by law to watch college football), but the NFL has lost whatever pull it once had on me.  So, I watch only the Super Bowl on Super Sunday.

The team that I really want to be a winner is the Niners, and that’s only because of The Catch, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, and Hacksaw Reynolds.  And a few others.  I couldn't possibly tell you who their current coach is, nor any player names.  Even thus, I paid attention yesterday.

I got home from work shortly after the second quarter started, and my Bride and her Little Dog were watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.  With permission, I changed the channel to The Super Bowl, and saw that the Forty-Niners were getting their lunch handed to them by something called “The Ravens”--Is Edgar Allen Poe somehow involved with the NFL these days?

So, that ends, more or less, the actual football game.  It got close at the end, but the outcome was pretty clear when I turned it on.  I’m not certain at all when I really lost interest in the NFL, but watching this showpiece of the NFL, I know some the reasons.  The incessant victory dances by the players is insane.  The number of outrageous tattoos is ridiculous.  The “What-The-Hell-Was-That” half time show was.....What the hell was that, anyhow?  For that matter, WHO the hell was that?  I’m just no longer the target audience.

The one highlight of the game was the power outage that lasted for 35 minutes, more or less.  Some say that such things have happened and are going to continue to happen in New Orleans because their football stadium was built over an old cemetery (and is thus cursed), and New Orleans is rife with Voo-Doo, and Hoo-Doo, and lotsa other Doo-Doo.  Like I already asked, is Edgar Allen Poe somehow involved?

Blame who who you want for the power outage, but I blame Obama’s energy policies.  And Edgar Allen.

Quoth the Raven.....Nevermore.


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