Occupy This

From what I’ve seen, even the spokes-beings for the occupy movement (is it really a movement?) are unwashed, unshaven, and from all appearances unemployed.  I have no idea what they’re occupying for or against.  They don’t seem to know either.  They block access to public facilities as if it is their right to do so.  I guess crapping wherever they want is also their right.

I’m pretty certain that the violence is part of the deal.  I don’t really care that the aforementioned spokes-beings say that the violence isn’t their fault (I’ve heard them say that it’s the police who are responsible, or fringe groups who are out of control—whatever) but it most assuredly is their responsibility.

As long as their anti-social and assaultive violent behavior is focused against one another, it would be hard for me to care less about it, but now they’re managed to hospitalize a Denver Police Officer and a Colorado State Trooper. Enough.

Regarding the occupiers needs, wants, demands, or desires—you have no idea how little I care.  It’s time to turn on the fire hoses and end this.

Right after this gets done, let’s build a real fence at our Southern border, complete with border guards in towers armed with fully automatic weapons and end that little issue too.

As I get older, I just get more narrow minded about some stuff.  Make me King and I’ll fix this.


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